how to keep every body organ healthy

1. The *STOMACH*      is injured when      you do not have      breakfast in the   Read More

healthy fruits and vegetables

*Brahmi is Brain* *Arjuna is Heart* *Ashwagandha is Strength* *Shatavari is Stamina* *Guduchi ( गिलोय)is Immunity* *Mulethi is throat* *Ginger Read More

keeping the gut healthy

*The Gut* The gut is one of the core disease-fighting systems of the human body. First, the acid and enzymes Read More

healthy food habits

Healthy eating habits

An *Endocrinologist*  has taken the effort to write this Post. It is quite intresting. Do read..  *RIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!* The alarm rings Read More

How healthy are nutrients

How healthy are nutrients

How to keep prostate healthy

How to keep prostate healthy The Prostate Gland and its effect on us , (men only). Read it and apply, Read More

Harms of excessive water intake

पानी पीने का सही तरीका – पार्ट 1: “ज्यादा पानी पीना सेहत के लिए घातक“ Explained by: Dr. Parmeshwar Read More