how to keep every body organ healthy

1. The *STOMACH*      is injured when      you do not have      breakfast in the   Read More

do not replace knees

*अपने घुटने कभी मत बदलिये* 🔴50 साल के बाद धीरे-धीरे शरीर के जोडों मे से लुब्रीकेन्ट्स एवं केल्शियम बनना कम Read More

20 home remedies for various illnesses–20 घरेलू नुस्खे जो आपको रखेंगे सभी रोगों से दूर

  20 घरेलू नुस्खे जो आपको रखेंगे सभी रोगों से दूर 1 प्याज के रस को गुनगुना करके कान में डालने Read More

nature deficit disorder

nature deficit disorder

Natural remedies for daily use

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basic tips for health

basic tips for health

Important 100 health tips from Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga

*योग?‍♀की कुछ 100 जानकारी जिसका ज्ञान सबको होना चाहिए* :-IMPORTANT 100 TIPS IT MAY HELP YOU ALL IN BIG WAY Read More

lifestyle tips for health of vital organs

GENERAL TIPS FOR HEALTHY LIVING Please remember what these few organs are afraid of?* Kidney: Afraid to stay up all Read More

happy and healthy life

What tips can you give for leading a healthy and happy life?

living healthy for 100 years

I want to live disease free for 100 years. What is the practical way for it?