how to keep every body organ healthy

1. The *STOMACH*
     is injured when
     you do not have
     breakfast in the
2. The *KIDNEYS*
     are injured when
     you do not even
     drink 10 glasses
     of water in 24
    is injured when
    you do not even
    sleep until 11
    o’clock and do not
    wake up to the
4.  The *SMALL*
     *INTESTINE* is
      injured when you
      eat cold and stale
5.  The *LARGE*
     *INTESTINES* are
      injured when you
      eat more fried
      and spicy food.
6.  The *LUNGS* are
      injured when you
      breathe in smoke
      and stay in
      environment of
7. The *LIVER* is
     injured when you
     eat heavy fried
     food, junk, and
     fast food.
8. The *HEART* is
     injured when you
     eat your meal with
     more salt and
     is injured when
     you eat sweet
     things because
     they are tasty and
     freely available.
10. The *Eyes* are
       injured when you
      work in the light
      of mobile phone
      and computer
      screen in the
11. The *Brain* is
       injured when you
       start thinking
12. The *SOUL* gets
       injured when you
       don’t have family
       and friends to
       care and share
       with you in life
       their love,
       sorrow and joy.
*All these body *parts are NOT *available in the* *market*….
So  take good care and keep your body parts healthy…*