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Is there any one  who has never faced any health issue in life?

There may be hardly any persons who could claim that they have never visited a doctor for medical advice or treatment.

Healthcare continues to be a multi billion dollar annual business globally. Think of it—the global cost of human healthcare in 2010 as computed by WHO was a staggering 6.5 trillion US Dollars.  The global healthcare expenditure per person during the same year was 948 US Dollars. And it has only gone up since then.

This is in spite of the tremendous advancement in modern medicine and surgery which includes preventive healthcare.

This is the case in spite of so many systems of medicine in vogue today all of which have clear-cut guidelines for disease avoidance.

That’s quite ironic. Isn’t it?

Chronic disease continues to be a big challenge to humankind. What patients get from medical systems and practitioners is , in most cases, partial and palliative relief. Then , quite naturally, they keep on doing changes—to their lifestyle or medical treatment in the elusive search for cure of their ailments.

Most of the persons have to live with their chronic diseases, keeping their distressing symptoms in control—through drugs or other palliative treatments.

But is palliation of disease symptoms all that we can achieve or hope?

Certainly not!!

Ayurveda, the divine science of medicine says that defective lifestyle is the cause of every disease and lifestyle correction alone can cure a large number of diseases. After all, prevention is better than cure.

The Mother Earth is enormously rich in resources. It is a vast home of herbs, minerals and other substances which in intelligent combinations can cure most of the diseases that human flesh is heir to.

Modern medical practitioners still have a very incomplete and imperfect understanding of human body. Prescription drugs that were in vogue thirty years back are banned today for the side effects that their usage brought. The irony is that newer drugs also get obsolete after twenty or thirty years. The reason is the same—-serious side effects.

Some folks among us are able to find the keys to the solution of their health problems through experience, trial and error, curiosity or exploration.

It would be great if they were to share their healthcare experiences with others, because it is the same, common ailments that afflict all humans.

Millions of humans are suffering from  arthritis or obesity or diabetes or cancer or some other intractable disease and are always searching for a better remedy, a better doctor or a better lifestyle regimen to attain better health.

There are many fortunate ones who have discovered the key to good health for themselves through fortuitous events that passed on the elements of vital specific healthcare knowledge to them.

Many persons have tried allopathic treatment for long durations and ultimately got cured of their ailment through some alternative therapy.

There are many on record who tried several different types of treatment but continued to suffer until they were cured by some simple home based herbal remedies.

And there is a whole lot of people who spent huge time and money undergoing drug treatment till they got well by simple lifestyle correction.

We understood the needs of people based on the above facts and decided to create a healthcare experience and knowledge sharing platform. is a personal healthcare blogging website aimed at sharing of peoples’ healthcare experience with others. People here includes medical practitioners with their experience of success in treatment.

With multiple schools of medicine and with multiple facilities for medicine and surgery having global spread, an average person has a whole lot of choices of treatment of his physical illness. Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani system, Chinese  system, Ayurveda,  Aromatherapy, Reiki etc. offer treatment of various diseases that afflict human beings.  But is is observed in practice that the available treatments leave many gaps and human diseases are not cured in a perfect manner.

It , however, must be conceded that in clinical practice many diseases regarded incurable by Allopathy have been successfully cured through Homoeopathy or Naturopathy or Ayurveda.

At, you will know how Mr. A managed his chronic sinusitis effectively or what Ms. B did to alleviate her obesity problem or how Mr. C has managed his tinnitus. The blogging site is open to medical practitioners who may post their individual healthcare experiences drawn from their practice. You may post your names under your blog statements. Should you want to protect your privacy,  you are welcome to post the acronyms of your actual names or just your sex and age. You can post even as Anonymous writer.

The blogsite is open for posting of health related queries/questions and corresponding answers. It is also open for informative articles on healthcare. The working team of posts , from time to time, healthcare articles on specific subject heads and also posts the answers to peoples’ healthcare queries. The answers are prepared on holistic healthcare approach.

For technical support, we have a panel of qualified and experienced physicians as Advisors. Our answers to healthcare queries are carefully calibrated and practical. Our guidance/ information provided against queries through consultation button on the website  is holistic, focussed on alternative medicine and based on true fundamentals of health and disease.

Our Advisor physicians

  1. Dr. S.P.Singh, BAMS, 30 years experienced ( Ayurveda)
  2. Dr. Pooran Chand, BEMS, NDDY, 26 years experienced ( Naturopathy and Yoga)
  3. Dr. Rosy Kaur, BAMS a seasoned Ayurvedic practitioner with over 9 years of dedicated experience in the field of Ayurveda with Master’s degree in Ayurveda Panchakarma. 
  4. Dr. Sabita P, BAMS with 31 years experience of Ayurvedic practice; specialised in Nadi and Panchkarma

Knowledge is power and knowledge sharing platform is the best empowerment tool. And health is wealth.

Experience is the best guide. It is always to better to gain from others’ experience instead of your own.

So go ahead and blog about your own healthcare experience. This will benefit millions. You are welcome to post your healthcare related queries too. And also look for others’ blogs on disease categories where you may find the way to solve your own health problem more effectively or comprehensively. Medical practitioners may get to know of better results achieved by other practitioners in specific disease management. Specific practitioners or clinics which have achieved remarkable success in the management of health problems may find their space on this platform for the benefits accruing to patient community and to themselves.

Posting of your healthcare experience blogs is considered an act of social and community service, which empowers others to optimise their own healthcare. These blogs also serve the solemn purpose of quality enhancement in the healthcare industry.

Knowledgeable persons including healthcare professionals may post specific answers to healthcare related queries posted on the website.

The blogs submitted shall be reviewed and then posted on the website.

To post your real life personal healthcare experience, please click at Share your Experience and proceed.

This website indicates the names of common diseases under bullet heads as given below.  After clicking at Share your Experience, please fill in the name of your chosen disease  seen from the same list as appearing after clicking  at the uncategorised window. Thereafter, please go ahead and share your real healthcare experience. While writing your own healthcare experience blog,  you may choose not to indicate your name. You may just indicate the words like ‘Male, 40 years’ or ‘Female, 53 years’ indicating your age and sex. You may also indicate your name acronym. You can also write as Anonymous writer.

To see others’ personal healthcare experience blogs, click at the disease category appearing on the window on the left side of the home page. Various windows corresponding to different blogs will open. To read complete blog, click at Read more appearing at the end of the initial blog text.The original full  blog will appear for you to see. See all full blogs for a specific disease category. To see all healthcare experience blogs posted by people, click at the button People’s Healthcare Blogs provided at top right hand side of the portal.

This website suggests proven home remedies/natural remedies/ natural cures of chronic ailments.

Disease categories
Abdominal pain
Addiction (drug addiction)
Alopecia (hair fall)
Alzheimer’s disease
Back pain
Bad breath
Bad cholesterol
Blood pressure (high)
Blood pressure (low)
Bone cancer
Brain tumour
Breast cancer
Cancer of lung
Cancer of lymph glands
Cancer of anus
Cancer of bladder
Cancer of blood (leukaemia)
Cancer of cervix
Cancer of colon
Cancer of gall bladder
Cancer of kidney
Cancer of larynx
Cancer of ovary
Cancer of penis
Cancer of prostate
Cancer of skin
Cancer of stomach
Cancer of testicle
Cancer of thyroid
Cancer of urinary bladder
Cancer of uterus
Cancer of vagina
Chronic cough
Cirrhosis of liver
Coronary artery disease
Double vision
Down’s syndrome
Dry eyes
Dry skin
Duodenal ulcer
Ear ache
Ear infection
Ear wax
Eye floaters
Fear of open spaces
Frozen shoulder
Gall bladder pain
Gall stones
Gastric ulcer
Gum disease
Herpes zoster
Hot flashes
Irritable bowel syndrome
Jet lag
Juvenile diabetes
Kidney infection (nephritis)
Kidney stones
Knee bursitis
Meniere’s disease
Menstrual cramps
Menstrual irregularities
Multiple sclerosis
Muscle cramps
Nail fungus
Neck pain
Night sweats
Ovarian cyst
Parkinson’s disease
Peanut allergy
Phimosis of penis
Pernicious anaemia
Prostate enlargement
Quitting smoking
Rectal polyps
Retina detachment
Sleep disorders
Sleep walking
Speech disorder (stammering/stuttering)
Spleen enlargement
Stinky breath
Suicidal tendency
Tooth decay
Tennis elbow

Urinary tract infection
Urinary incontinence
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal pain
Valvular heart disease
Varicose veins
Ventricular fibrillation
Vitamin D deficiency
Womb disorders……………..and many others.