Do you have any health problem for which you are still searching the perfect solution?

Are you looking for a plan of  preventive healthcare that works efficiently and effectively?

Are you searching for proven home remedies/natural remedies/ natural cures of chronic ailments?

Do you have any important query related to healthcare?

Did you overcome your difficult health problem through lot of hit and trial treatments, finally getting success through simple lifestyle changes or through simple, home based remedies or through Ayurveda/Homoeopathy/Naturopathy/Yoga?

Are you a medical practitioner who has achieved remarkable success in the treatment of complicated cases and intractable diseases? And you would like others to know about it?

Would you, as a medical practitioner or a knowledgeable person like to blog answers to common peoples’ healthcare queries and indirectly gain in publicity?

Then this is the platform for you!

www.personalhealthcare.in is a web portal for sharing of personal healthcare knowledge and experience by common people including those working in the healthcare profession. It is intended to provide practical guidance born out of actual individual healthcare experience to persons having health issues. It is a  healthcare blogging site. It also provides  answers to healthcare queries and holistic healthcare consultation. The answers and advice are based on holistic healthcare approach.

As a healthcare forum, it provides all a free platform to share true life experiences related to preventive healthcare and medical treatment.

The website is heavily focused on alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga.

Experience is knowledge and knowledge is power. This knowledge empowers each person to seek and adopt the best course of healthcare plan and approach—in terms of preventive healthcare regimen or treatment of disease.

After all, health is the greatest wealth.

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We urge the website visitors to liberally share their healthcare experiences. This website is a free website, requiring no prior registration for blogging or posting content. We have also provided options for bloggers to maintain their confidentiality while sharing their personal healthcare experiences of life. After all, it is these experience blogs that will enhance the website utility and , therefore, shall be of great value to other website visitors.

You may share the first hand healthcare experiences of your friends, relatives or acquaintances also. 

You may post blogs about  your healthcare experiences with specific  doctors, physicians, surgeons, clinics or hospitals for the guidance of other visitors to this website.

Medical Practitioners are welcome to post blogs on remarkable cases of success in the treatment of their patients or informative articles on specific subjects.

Cheer and healthy living!!