Important 100 health tips from Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga

*योग?‍♀की कुछ 100 जानकारी जिसका ज्ञान सबको होना चाहिए* :-IMPORTANT 100 TIPS IT MAY HELP YOU ALL IN BIG WAY Read More

Ayurvedic/Homoeopathic/Naturopathic Treatment of Alopecia Areata

I have alopecia areata and have done all the relevant tests including thyroid tests  which are negative. How do I Read More

Proper sleeping time in Ayurveda

Can sleeping at 1 am and getting up at 6 am be called healthy?

Effects of climatic and seasonal variations on doshas

Effects of climatic and seasonal variations on doshas `Doshas’ are the basic elements in health and disease. The three doshas Read More

Ayurveda reasons for drinking water early morning

Categories :Water therapy

Why is drinking water early in the morning  ( immediately on getting up) recommended ?

Cure of stammering through Ayurveda

Many people in the world are suffering from the problem of stammering or stuttering. Stuttering or Stammering means involuntary interruption Read More

causes of heart disease in Ayurveda

Causes of heart disease Ayurveda lists the following as the prime causes of heart disease. Intake of very hot, unctuous, Read More

Ayurveda as a preferred system of medicine

Why should people prefer Ayurveda over other systems of medicine?

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Categories :Cancer of breast

Breast Cancer cases are increasing alarmingly in the developed western countries. What , according to Ayurveda , is the real Read More