truth of modern medicine

Final year End posting Surgery PG clinical exam The Examiner ‘Did you see the case’ ‘Yes Sir, I did.’ ‘What Read More

The business of medicine

*काली कमाई के रास्ते खत्म कर दिए जाएँ , नोट बंदी की जरूरत ही क्यों होगी ?* मैं एक डॉक्टर Read More

Medicine is not healthcare

Medicine is not healthcare

How to use food as medicine

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Food as medicine

Alternative medicine for treatment of blood cancer

Modern medicine still has no cure for blood cancer or leukaemia. What promise does alternative medicine hold in its treatment?

Ayurveda—the best option

Ayurveda—the mother of all medicine

Homoeopathic medicine for Warts

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My uncle , at that time aged about 55 , was a diabetic and visited us one day seeking some Read More

Homoeopathy medicine for gallstones

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I had stones in my gall bladder. The doctor at the government hospital insisted that I get it removed surgically. Read More