causes of heart disease in Ayurveda

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Causes of heart disease

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Ayurveda lists the following as the prime causes of heart disease.

  1. Intake of very hot, unctuous, sour, bitter and astringent substances on a regular basis
  2. Overwork/overstrain
  3. Injuries to the body at delicate zones
  4. Overeating and eating at frequent short intervals (before the previous food is digested)
  5. Constant fear in the mind (fear of persecution or other serious threat looming large on the mind)
  6. Suppression of the calls of nature

The above factors lead to serious vitiation of  pitta and vata which cause heart disease. These vitiated doshas when severely out of balance vitiate rasa dhatu in the heart organ causing severe pain in the heart region.

Ayurveda further classifies heart disease into five different types.

  1. vata dominated heart disease
  2. pitta dominated heart disease
  3. kapha dominated heart disease
  4. tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha) dominated heart disease
  5. germ caused heart disease

The entire philosophy of Ayurveda in regard to cause of heart disease has to be closely understood to devise the best, nature friendly treatment plan in various individuals of different prakritis and differing lifestyles.