Homoeopathic treatment of warts

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Author: AS, New Delhi

At the age of 25, I had multiple warts on my hands. The skin specialist (Dermatologist) suggested a process called cauterisation in which the warts are removed by excision. But he stated that cauterisation did not guarantee reappearance of warts and also the process would leave scar like marks on the skin. He suggested I take Homoeopathic treatment.

I undertook Homoeopathic treatment under two different physicians but the second physician treated me with Thuja 10 M potency, which instead of curing my condition made the warts grow bigger and more numerous. Scared like hell, I discontinued the treatment and began to study Homeopathic literature. I shortlisted two remedies based on  the totality of my symptoms. One was Natrum Mur and the other Natrum Sulph. Natrum Sulph 30 cured all warts within 15 days. No scar left. The warts simply shrank out of existence.