Cure of Alopecia Areata by Ayurvedic treatment

Author: Apoorva Kohli

This was in my late teens when I was in school and had a traumatic time when my mother while oiling my hair observed a bald patch near my ear, around the hairline. I visited a dermatologist, trying to figure what could have caused. There were no clear answers and I was prescribed a topical lotion and another ointment for colouring as the first hair that comes post alopecia are believed to be grey. In short, one was to grow and the other for colour. I couldn’t complain much, as in your teens the only thing one would need is to saved from any sort of a public embarrassment.

Soon after, on another incident of getting a head massage when a bigger patch (almost 4″) in the shape of number ‘eight’ just appeared. It was horrifying and way more traumatic. This time, when I researched on the internet I was shocked to see various articles on how this ‘auto-immune’ disease only increases and especially in your teens, the probability of passing the disease to the offspring increases. I was very clear and not willing to look at any allopathic treatment and have faith and belief in other alternate treatments. Soon after I found a hero doctor, who I never met or spoke to over the phone. But I posted all the pictures and details of my history for the consultation. His treatment was none other than the age old Ayurveda which has always proven to be way more worthy in eradicating any ailment from its root. Three months of just oil massage and hair packs did all the wonder. The hair naturally started growing, with no discolouration and extremely healthy.

I suggest to go for Ayurvedic treatments to especially cure diseases like alopecia. Other home grown remedies can also include rubbing onion juice on the affected area as it is rich in sulphur. You will hopefully soon start to see results.

Pleasd note that there are different kinds of alopecia. Alopecia areata is a specific type which is different from the genetic male/female pattern baldness. Over and above, a healthy routine and a stress free life can really bring about changes in any ailment which is lifestyle related.