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Author: AS, New Delhi

I have been suffering from pulsatile tinnitus for the last 19 years. The doctors called it idiopathic symptom, which means that its causes are not known. If the causes are not known, how can cure be known?

I first got myself examined by an ENT specialist who did Audiogram on my right ear, which is afflicted with tinnitus. After clearing wax from both ears, she suggested some breathing exercise which I performed but that did not help. She also prescribed Complamina tablets, which I initially used but later discontinued after reading their horrific possible side effects from the literature. The tablets anyway did not seem to work.

I took Ayurvedic treatment for a few months but it did not help. I also tried Homoeopathic treatment but that also provided only temporary relief and after using the Homoeopathic medicine for many months, I stopped taking it since it did not effect cure, for which Homoeopathy is generally known.

Years later,  after so many experiences with different doctors and their treatments, I realised that my tinnitus was actually a sort of Hypochondriasis, where the person imagines something seriously wrong with him and the anxiety/fear of this ailment settles in his subconscious mind. It was the anxiety of tinnitus as a serious ailment that was afflicting me and not tinnitus as a physical symptom of some defect in the ear.

I try to divert my conscious and subconscious attention from tinnitus and it stops. I try to take deep breaths when it occurs and it calms down.

There are many types of tinnitus but pulsatile tinnitus can also be of the Hypochondriac variety as borne out from my experience.