Recovery from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Categories :Cancer of ovary
Author: Dalel Singh

My wife was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in December 2011. She was operated and given standard Taxol carboplatin chemotherapy.She remained fine till September 2013 when her CA125 started increasing.This time cancer had spread to spleen,liver apart from area around ovary. We had second round of chemo with same drugs.Cancer disappeared but reappeared 9 months after the last chemo session.Now it was stage IV and doctors told that she may not survive beyond 2 years.During and after chemo she had serious problems with skin itching,general weakness,joint pain etc. Now we tried two ayurvedic options-one from Hissar , ladwa Gaushala and second from Tijara in Rajasthan. These treatments did not do any significant improvement.The cancer reappeared 6 month after third chemotherapy with Lipodox(second line). Lipodox side effects are more serious than Taxol/carboplatin chemo. Now my wife shifted focus on lifestyle change-regular exercise, yoga,one hour daily walk,soup of seasonal vegetables including beetroot,raddish leaves,spinach,brocclli etc;juice of wheat sprouts, coconut water,pomegranate ; katuki water,kokam water,wild apricot seeds(these are said to contain vitamin B 17) but all in moderation. Wheat flour was changed to multigrain flour of buckwheat,jowar,barley,chana,soyabeans etc. Sugar use was reduced and replaced with honey ,organic gur,jaggery etc. Use of vegetable oils reduced dramatically in tadaka. When 6 month after third chemo set CA 125 started increasing in September 2015 we allowed it to increase from 16/18 to 225 till January 2016. Now doctors were advising different chemo protocols including third line chemo drugs like avastin. I insisted that we go for first line (taxol+carbopaltin). Dr Amit Aggarwal of B.L.Kapur agreed. In the third session my wife had respiratory seizure. Chemo was abandoned but disease has disappeared with only three sessions.Meanwhile I had been discussing with the doctor regarding targeted therapy. He got her and her family genetic test done for Barca gene. It was found to be mutated in her,her sister,my son,her brother. Dr recommended Olaparib which we are getting free from UK.Since July 2016 my wife is absolutely fine. In fact today she got her CA 125 test result. It was 8.80 against 9.30 on April 4,2016. So today is celebration day. It could be quality food, kokum, wild apricot or her fearlessness. She is a very bold person.