truth of modern medicine

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Final year
End posting Surgery PG clinical exam
The Examiner
‘Did you see the case’
‘Yes Sir, I did.’
‘What is your diagnosis boy?’
‘Sir, It is a case of piles (hemarhoids)
‘Excellent, now how do you manage the case?’
‘Sir the patient is a top end politician so I will refer him to Mayo Clinic in America immediately.’
‘Wow, excellent again kid, you have a very bright future ahead.’
‘Now tell me what are the complications of piles operation. Immediate and Late.’
‘Immediately’ the patients relatives could ambush the hospital, attack the staff, strangle the surgeon and sometimes burn the whole place down.’
‘Late are facebook and WhatsApp shares, compensation for 1 billion bucks, cancellation of registration or a long long years of prison time.
‘Brilliant, all points are perfect and recently advanced and evidence based.’
‘One last question, what will you do if you pass the surgery exam.’
‘I will join my father in his agricultural and dairy business and will never ever think of practicing as a doctor, Sir.’
The examiner stood up, clapped his hands, gave the ward a handshake and a hugged him and declared
‘You’re passed with 100 / 100
Weldon kiddo’