Ayurveda treatment of High Blood cholesterol

Author: Krishan Kumar, New Delhi

A senior colleague at my old office was having health problems for quite some time. He underwent a complete health check up including blood tests. The reports indicated a high level of blood cholesterol (LDL and total cholesterol level). As I could see, he was also having small pedunculated warty growths on the face and underneath the eyes, a sure symptom of high bad cholesterol. He started taking regular Allopathic medicines for normalising the cholesterol level. But he continued to have minor health problems.

He continued the above treatment for almost two years. One day somebody advised him to start taking herbal Ayurvedic mixture Triphala. The Triphala powder was to be mildly roasted with cow’s ghee and this Triphala roasted in ghee was to be taken first thing in the morning with water.

He used Triphala-ghee as suggested above  and after some weeks , stopped taking his Allopathic medicine for high blood cholesterol.

He has been using Triphala ghee regularly for 10 years and enjoying improved health overall. No other medicine is used by him on a regular basis.