Arthritis–knee problem

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Author: Ram, Male 79 years

I am an ex paramilitary official and am suffering from Arthritis— knee problem for over three years. I have been very active physically in my earlier years when I used to trek long distances over plain as well as mountainous terrains. Tough physical training was also a part of my official routine.

After retirement from active service, I made it a habit to perform brisk walk for 8 km every morning followed by stretching, bending and breathing exercises.

Over the last few years, my knee joints developed serious problem. I am unable to walk briskly. The doctors diagnosed it as  Osteo-Arthritis involving wearing of the cartilage tissue accompanied by partial drying of the synovial fluid. I have to take regular speciality drug injections to maintain myself.

I take natural herbal substances like ‘methidana’ and garlic every morning. I also take regularly medicines for high blood pressure.

The doctors advise knee replacement.

I feel that a regular use of natural herbal items mentioned above has helped me a lot.

I would like to receive guidance through others’ experiences of management of knee problem like mine and would like to know if there is a natural, lifestyle correction course that can help me to manage my health condition in a better way.