Ayurvedic treatment of hip pain

Categories :Back pain
Author: Suresh, Faridabad

I started experiencing pain and stiffness in my right hip portion. The pain was felt only on movement. I consulted the physiotherapist. He prescribed some exercises, which definitely reduced the pain but did not remove it completely. The physiotherapist then suggested LASER treatment, which I decided to postpone for the time being.

I tried to understand what was the cause of this condition. I tried to figure out possible bad posturing as a cause. Then , I found that right lower back region received an odd jerk everytime I entered my chauffeur driven car and everytime I came out  from my backseat sitting space of the car. The jerk was felt because the car is Honda City brand, with a low set floor. In order to avoid the jerky movement, I began to enter and step out of the car with my legs joined together.

After a few  days, my pain and stiffness were gone.