Eczema and skin related disorders

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Author: Varun Dhir

Skin related disorders like Eczema , Psoriasis etc occur quite commonly in a large number of people these days. Since the symptoms of these disorders visually look nearly the same , it becomes tough for the patient to identify which is the actual problem. Most common symptoms include dry scaly itchy skin and people generally end up scratching the affected area which in turn might result in minor bleeding . Since these symptoms and patches on the skin are visually clear , the patient becomes too conscious of his/her appearance and it might result in loss of self confidence and even may lead to depression and limiting social interactions.

Major cause for any skin problems is weakening of the liver in the human body. In order to overcome from these disorders , it is very much required for the patient to strengthen the liver which in turn boosts the immune system of the body.

However , allopathy prescribes a big range of topical ointments and oral medication to deal with these ailments . In reality and from experience I would say that these are just preventive measures and work only till the medication is being administered . Once medication is stopped , the symptoms keep coming back and sometimes in a more flared up manner .

Although in Ayurveda, there is a variety of ┬ánaturally occurring herbs which have been proven to strengthen the liver and alleviate the symptoms of these disorders . Herbs like ‘Kutki’ (Picrorhiza kurroa) and ‘ Chirayta’ (Swertia Chirata) have been found extremely beneficial in this. These herbs are mostly grown in high altitude region of Himalayas and have tremendous healing and cleansing properties in the body. This will serve not only as a prevention but a permanent cure for these problems .

Topically , pure aloe vera and coconut oil serves well to keep the skin moist and preventing it from being dry.

Also refraining from alcohol , oily foods is highly recommended for a speedy recovery .