Naturopathy for cure of dysentery

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Author: AS

About 15 years ago, I once suffered from an episode of acute dysentery with frequent watery stools laden with mucous. My wife, after consulting my brother in law, a practising physician , brought medicines to be taken over a five day course.

I am not very comfortable with Allopathic medicines and was familiar with their side effects. In the past , I had a none too good experience with Allopathic medicines in a similar conditions when the medicines were found to be not very effective and I had to suffer for full 5 days.

On this occasion, I decided to get well the naturopathic  way.

I abstained from solid food the whole day next and took only water and lemon juice and hot milk at night.

The next day I took fruits during the day and just hot milk at night.

On the morning of the third day, I was normal and resumed solid cereal food. There was no sign or symptom of infection. I was perfectly well and resumed my office work.