Increase of Blood pressure on crossing the age of 40 yrs.

Author: D.K.Suryanarayan

I had a normal Blood pressure of 80/120 till the age of 40 yrs. However when I got my BP checked next year it was 80/130 and subsequent year it was 80/140. Doctor told me this is normal, nothing to worry. Higher side BP upto 140 is normal at this age. I also avoided taking any medicine.

By chance subsequent year I happened to attend a training program, in which Yogic training by Sh. Sardarilal Sehgal ji was also included. During the Yogic training, I narrated my experience of higher BP which declared by doctor as Normal. Sh. Sehgal ji told me taking higher BP as normal is a Blunder on your part. If regularly practice Yogic exercises you will understand what I am saying.

Believe me due to regular practice of Yogic exercises my BP for last 16 years is 75/120. No other health issues without taking any medicine.

Yogic exercises have completely changed me to a better person apart from zero health issues.