Never Lose your Hope with Personalhealthcare

Categories :Depression
Author: Krishan Kumar

In March 2010, at the age of 21 and just a few weeks into my  3rd year of college , I was diagnosed with type of depression. In the weeks prior to this, I displayed most of the classic symptoms – rapid weight loss, headache, less sleep, muscle problem,  and Anxiety.

Within minutes of entering the hospital I was given the diagnosis and over the next 24 hours had 10 titres of fluids delivered intravenously. After 15th days in hospital I was let loose, armed with the blood glucose meters, taking medicine and the needles I was going to have to use to keep myself alive for the foreseeable future.

Life become Easier

Post-diagnosis my life changed from that of a young, athletic teenager to that of a long-term outpatient living to a set of very particular constrictions and limitations.

But now, fortunately, I can say that Never Loose your Hope with anything

I can say that a positive perspective on life is very important for a Depression to lead a quality life.