Meniere’s Disease

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Author: Chaitanya

One day out of the blue in 2013 I got this problem but it was diagnosed as such at a much later stage when I had already been to a GP and 2 or 3 ENT specialists in our area. The Allopathic  medicines for this disease are meant only to subdue the symptoms — the real cause is still in the realm of research.

As a patient of four years I feel that this trouble has to do with your state of mind. Meditation is of great help. But while doing pranayam one has to be careful because in certain breathing procedures one has to hold the breath which is not recommended for Meniere’s patient.

Ayurved and Homeopathy too is useful as was in my case also. There are certain food items that will need to be avoided as per one’s prakriti — vat, pitt, kaph. Long term Homeopathy medicine with adequate regularity was very helpful in controlling the vertigo part.

Any kind of stress situations need to be avoided. Regular walk, light exercises and a normal BP are a must to win over this problem.