Liver Abscess

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Author: Kumar, New Delhi

Hi Friends

Seven years back i was caught with High Fever for almost one week and during that period blood  and other tests suggested the symptoms of Malaria/Typhoid etc but all of sudden on 7/8th day i  had severe pain in my abdomen and i have to rushed to   Multi Specialty Hospital in Pitam Pura and after routine tests doctors diagnosed Liver Abscess on both sides and advised me to get admit for removal of Abscess thru minor surgery.  The  week long stay at the hospital was a nightmare for me  as junior doctors tried unsuccessful attempt to remove abscess. During the process of removal behavior of the doctor was totally unprofessional and conversation of the doctor with OT Staff on usage of No. of Needle  ie which needle is going to  be used to extract the abscess and over and above that they used the wrong no. of Needle which takes me to trauma stage.

Ultimately i have to request for the Discharge even though abscess was not extracted from both the sides.  After Discharge one of my friend suggested to visit a medical practitioner in North Delhi. To my surprise as per him there was no need to go for extraction of Abscess thru surgical procedure as the same can be easily solved with help of oral medicines and believe my friends in a fortnight i was fit and there was no sign of Abscess with his medication.

So in nutshell  Liver Abscess can be cured with oral medicine instead of surgical procedure. These Super Specialty Hospitals are just Big Business Houses and minting money instead of providing right treatment.