Golden Rules for preventing/fighting obesity

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Listed below are some golden rules for prevention/treatment of obesity.

  1. Strict adherence to prakriti compatible diet – How important is Prakriti compatible diet? The reader might ask why the matter of Prakriti compatible diet crops up again and again. The answer is that intake of food which is compatible with your prakriti or physical constitution is the first golden rule for good health.This point has been suggested in Ayurveda in the original Sanskrit verses which are stated to have been uttered by the divine physician, lord Dhanwantri. This indeed is the gospel truth. If modern medicine does not recognize it today it will after 100 years or 200 years, perhaps. The rationale behind this premise is that prakriti compatible diet would not allow the dominant dosha to be vitiated. The dominant dosha in an individual is liable to be most easily deranged for; it is the physiological weak point or ‘Achilles’ heel.’ Today the foremost cause of morbid body states is intake of prakriti incompatible diet.Therefore recognize your prakriti and prepare a food  chart consisting of items which are to be eschewed. This may substitute the standard dietician’s chart restricting calorie intake to 1000!  Whatever dieticians and modern medical men may say but it is certainly true that any treatment for morbid obesity has got to be on natural lines to be successful. Choice and intake of food is purely a person’s private affair. It has no legal or professional compulsions. The only constraint that could be  argued on perhaps is availability. But these days, with facility of inter and intracontinental transportation and liberal trades most of the food items are available at all places on the globe.  There is the need to identify certain specific individual items of diet which do not agree with a person’s constitution (prakriti) and permanently delete them from the diet. No need to add up the calorie equivalent of food items  and prepare an elaborate chart! No need to figure out the daily intake! Only prepare a simple list of 10 or 12 such foods that are to be  deleted and firmly stick to a diet without these foods. It would stand you in good stead throughout the course of your life by preventing any serious health trouble.
  1. Perform reasonable amount of physical activity / exercise each day. Much has been said and written on the importance of exercise and physical activity in maintenance of good health. Perform aerobics, walking, running, outdoor games or yoga or swimming. Exercise should be such as will expend reasonable amount of energy without unduly taxing the system. Rules for performing exercise and deriving maximum benefit from it have been given elsewhere on this website. Follow them and reap the benefit of knowledge provided by our enlightened sages of the yore, sages whose communion with God gave them divine power and true knowledge of human health and disease. In addition to the rules of exercise mentioned  in this website, the following rules should also be followed. —– Exercise should, as far as possible, be performed in airy well ventilated and open spaces. Include enough of aerobic content in your exercise programme.
  1. Follow religiously the rules of eating in regard to time and quantity of eats as also the intake of water. This is far more important than many would believe. The important rules are reiterated here for the benefit of the readers. While taking meals, fill half of your stomach with solid food, leave one fourth portion for water and the remaining one fourth position for air. This is the ideal situation as suggested in Ayurvedic texts. Taking this as the ideal, it is not difficult to appreciate the wrong eating habits of more than 90 percent of the population which really indulges in overeating. Ayurveda says that food, if taken in moderate quantities, as suggested above nourishes the body and builds up strength and vitality. But any food which is in excess of the required quantity has a poisonous effect on the body. Regarding intake of water, it is best not to drink water 45 minutes before and after meals.
  1. In general, take as much fruits and raw vegetables as possible.These four rules are perhaps the easiest to understand and follow. They can be acted upon without much strain on the body. They will result in permanent weight reduction. The optimal weight can be retained as long as the rules are followed. Make a habit of following these golden rules. Apart from avoiding of obesity, you will keep at bay many, many more ailments. You will increase your strength, stamina and vitality and, of course longevity.