Premature greying of hair 

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Greying of hair is natural after fifty or sixty but not at thirty. The abnormality of greying hair at young age among males and females alike has become pretty common these days. Modern medical men ascribe this to air and water pollution, mental tension and worry or inadequate nutrition. But actual reasons are many more than these, which will be mentioned hereinafter. Premature greying of hair, in any case, is considered a depressing problem which makes common people seriously concerned. The causes of premature greying of hair are listed below.

  1. Excessive grief, worry, tension and anger.
  2. Chronic catarrh involving mucous membranes of nose and sinuses.
  3. Overwork and overstrain of mind and body.
  4. Chronic dyspepsia.
  5. Improper and deficient nutrition.
  6. Regular use of soap for the scalp and hair.
  7. Regular application of soap and oils with synthetic perfumes and colours.
  8. Disease of the bone marrow and mental ailments.
  9. Excessive use of synthetic drugs like antibiotics.
  10. Endocrinological disorders

It is very difficult to restore the original dark colour of the hair once it has turned grey. However greying can certainly be arrested. Reversal of greying may be quite difficult but then it is not impossible either. What it calls for is a change in lifestyle and regular medication. Below and indicated some practical medication courses and home remedies for the treatment of greying of the hair. These should be used under doctor’s advice/supervision only.

  1. Take a spoonful of the powder made from dried Amla before sleep every night with water.
  2. Prepare a paste out of lemon juice and dried Amla powder and apply it over scalp and the hair. Perform gentle massage for a few mintues and then leave the scalp and hair in that condition.After 20 minutes wash the hair with clean water. Do this every alternate day.
  3. Another remedy for greying of hair needs to be mentioned here. Take the skin of the fresh fruit of walnut (500 gram) and mix it alongwith 3 litres of milk. Boil the mixture with mild heat for about 10 hours during the day. At night, remove the cooled, filtered milk and curdle it. Remove scum from the curd so prepared and from it take out butter and ‘ghee’. This ghee is to be applied over the hair. Within a few days of regular application of this ghee, grey hair will turn black. Constant use will retain the dark colour of the hair.
  4. Dried ‘Bhringaraja’, black sesame seeds (Til seeds) and dried Amla in quantities 2:1:1 by ratio as powdered mixture should be orally taken with sweetened milk. The daily dose is about 5- 7 grams of the mixture. It is to be taken regularly for 6 to 8 months. After regular use it will show its results. Natural dark colour of the hair is very important to those persons who are extremely beauty conscious or have an obsession for youthful appearance. Billions are being spent all over the world today in the manufacture, sale and purchase of various types of hair dyes. Hair dyes come in variety of formulations and hues. But many of these dyes have adverse effects on the skin and scalp. They produce irritating skin allergies and people have often been forced to discontinue their use on this account. However even in case of persons in whom, no immediate ill-effect of dyes on the scalp is visible, the long term effect on the skin and also the eyes is certainly harmful – which suggests that synthetic, chemical hair dyes should not be used by health conscious persons. Remember that in preservation of health lies preservation of beauty. Beauty cannot be artificially implanted on you. Real beauty covers from good health and for attaining good health, you have to fall in line with nature, not oppose it.