Homoeopathic medicine for Eczema

Categories :Eczema
Author: AS, New Delhi

Many years ago, I had a colleague  in office who was suffering from obstinate itch. Lotions ,  ointments or tablets were used for long period but did not give lasting relief. The anti-fungal and anti -allergic treatment which he underwent gave him only temporary relief from the itch.

He was on the lookout for a competent Homoeopathic physician. One day,  an amateur Homoeopathic practitioner met him and offered to treat him based on his symptoms.

After initial reluctance , he agreed to take the treatment offered.

The practitioner  found that the patient Vishnu had a craving for salt and used to swallow common salt by the spoonful.

He inferred that the patient had a typically Psoric constitution and decided to give him Sulphur 30, followed by Natrum Mur 30.

Within 20 days of treatment, his itching was gone and he did not suffer from any itching problem for at least 2 years thereafter.