Heart ailment

Categories :Angina
Author: Male 54, Noida

About three years ago, I started having little pain and discomfort in the chest while climbing stairs or performing brisk walk. The doctor advised cardiac diagnostic tests. Test reports revealed that I had a heart disease condition and there was some blockage in one of the coronary arteries. The specialist doctor immediately put me on blood thinner drugs and a restricted diet. I started the treatment and during the course of the next three months, I lost 5 kg of my body weight, partly due to fear of the underlying ailment. The problem of angina persisted, though with a reduced intensity and frequency.

I was not very satisfied with the above treatment.

One day some friend suggested that I should obtain the bark of Arjun tree and take its powder with warm water twice daily.

I got the bark of Arjun tree (about three kg) from central Delhi where plenty of such trees exist. I started the intake of powdered bark thus obtained.

After six months of use of Arjun tree bark powder, I felt a remarkable improvement in my symptoms and I also regained 3 kg of my weight. Gradually, I discontinued the blood thinner drugs and am fine without them. But I do take a regulated diet with minimum fats and also perform regular Pranayama.

I do not think I will again need to go to Cardiologist.