Healthy food for Dinner

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As per popular feedback based on life experiences, we have written an article which is reproduced below.


You might have come across a saying that reads that ‘Eat breakfast like a like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’. This saying carries a very deep and important meaning. It explicitly tells us to eat less during dinner.

Our wise forefathers used to finish their dinner before sunset or within half an hour of sunset. But this does not happen today.  So, what can be done? Perhaps, we should know about the foods that are to be avoided after sunset for healthy food habits.

Reasons to finish dinner around sunset:

Even though, your time does not permit you to finish dinner around sunset, if possible, you can follow this habit at least on some days and here are the reasons why finishing your dinner early can be the ideal choice for your health:

  • It will help in prevention of obesity.
  • It will improve your digestive system and keep away gastrointestinal problems.
  • It will promote sound sleep.
  • It will increase your energy and vitality levels.
  • It will improve your immunity to disease.

What does Ayurveda state about night foods?

After sunset, the digestive power or ‘jatharagni’ grows weak. So  the foods that we consume should be light, easily digestible and preferably non-solid. Hot milk is the best item of food for this time of the day. You should particularly avoid rice, meat, eggs, chocolates, sweets, curd or frozen foods. Fruits are another set of items that go well with the human system at night.