Homoeopathic treatment of acne and discoloration

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Author: aahana mishra

I am a female of 26 yrs from Delhi. I had acne since my teens . I took medicine from many doctors but all were effective for temporary periods. I was much depressed. Since birth of my son, I developed Melasma on my face. I developed inferiority complex and avoided facing people. I tried medicine for this also, but all had temporary effects and too many times I developed allergy and rashes, as my skin is very sensitive.

My mother-in- law is a big believer ¬†of Homeopathy. For all health problems she visits her doctor. Once she took me to him–Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj , Homoeopathic World, Sector-27, Noida. I took his medicine for 6 months. There was medicine for application on face and for oral consumption. Within 3-4 months, my discoloration and acne was cured. I continued with the medicines for 2 months more. It was the year 2014. Since then I am not taking any medicine, but I am free from acne and discoloration. I am sharing this….as it may be helpful for needy.