Prevention of Dengue/Malaria/Chikungunya

Categories :Chikungunya , Dengue , Malaria
Author: Nidhi, New Delhi

Last year during the onset of rainy season, there was a word spread about the incidence of  Dengue and Chikungunya in Delhi and NCR regions. I decided to take natural, preventive action based on the time tested principles of Ayurveda. Over the two months of July and August, I took  a potent natural substance — Tulsi leaves first thing in the morning with water. I chew ten leaves of Tulsi ( five freshly plucked leaves each of black Tulsi and green Tulsi) and swallowed the crushed leaves with water. My family members did the same.

None of the my four family members suffered from Dengue or Malaria or Chikungunya or any other viral fever condition during the entire monsoon season.

We are doing the same this season with the same effects.

Tulsi ( Basil) leaves are a prime insurance against mosquito borne diseases and other fever conditions of the monsoon season.