Ways to save a life during medical emergency

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*Everyone should share this useful information on saving lives! It’s a way to do good*!
Please pass this on, as it is not only teach other people, but could save yourself too!
Ways to save a life:
1. *Choking – Just lift up your arms.*
In New Jersey, US, a 5 years old boy, cleverly saved his grandmother’s life, with a very simple method, by raising the arms!
His 56 years old grandma Dilihua was at home watching TV while eating fruits.
When she turned her head, a piece of fruit got stuck in her throat. She tried to press on her chest to dislodge it, but it doesn’t help. When the boy asked: “Grandma, are you choking?”, she could not answer.
“I think you are choking Grandma, raise your hands, raise your hands.”
The Grandma did as he said, and really managed to spit out the fruit!
Her grandson was very calm, and said it was something he learned in school.
2. *Body aches upon waking.*
Do you wake up in the morning and find yourself experiencing body aches? Does your neck feel sore and painful? What should you do if you experience these symptoms?
Just lift your feet up!
Pull your big toes outwards, and slowly massage and rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction!
3. *Foot/Leg Cramps.*
When you have a cramp in your left foot, raise your right arm as high as possible.
When you have a cramp in your right foot, raise your left arm. This will soothe immediately.
4. *Feet Numbness*.
If your left foot becomes numb, swing your your right hand out forcefully.
If your right foot is numb, then swing your left hand.
【Three rescue methods】
1. *Half Body Paralysis*.(regardless due to brain hemorrhage or clogged blood vessels), half side face drooping. Immediately take a sewing needle and puncture the patient’s earlobes at the lowest point, then squeeze out a drop of blood on each side. The sufferer will be immediately cured, and will not have any lasting symptoms.
2. *Heart Stopped Due to Heart Attack*.
Immediately take off the patient socks, and with a sewing needle puncture each one of the person’s ten toes, squeezing a drop of blood out. The patient will then wake up.
3. *When the Patient has Difficulty in Breathing* – regardless whether due to asthma or acute laryngitis, etc., until they start to turn red, quickly puncture the tip of the nose with a needle and squeeze out two drops of black blood.
The above three methods are not dangerous at all, and can be performed within 10 seconds. Do a good deed and share it with friends! I did! Not only can you share knowledge, but you could also save a life! ???