True and fundamental reasons of disease

Author: social media
Japanese professor did surprising research.
1. *Acidity* not only caused by diet errors, but more dominated because of *stress*.
2. *Hypertension* not only caused by too much consumption of salty foods, but mainly because of errors in *managing emotions*.
3. *Cholesterol* is not only caused by fatty foods, but the *excessive laziness* is more responsible.
4. *Asthma* not only because of the disruption of oxygen supply to lungs, but often *sad feelings* make lungs unstable.
5. *Diabetes* not only because of too much consumption of glucose, but selfish & *stubborn attitude* disrupts the function of the pancreas.
True cause of any disease are :
*Spiritual*   50%
*Psychic*    25%
*Social*       15%
*Physical*   10%
If we want to be healthy, *fix our mind*.