Shifting body pains ( bad effects of Homoeopathic high potencies)

Author: Arun Sharma, 60 years

About  35 years back, I suffered from a strange illness. I used to have chronic catarrh and there seemed to be no solution for this problem in Allopathy, after the usual diagnostic tests including X-rays and ruling out of any infection in the sinuses.  I started on Homoeopathic treatment. Natrum Sulph 30 seemed to work very well on the catarrh but the problem returned with a vengeance once the medicine was stopped.  The Homoeopathic doctor prescribed Natrum Sulph 200 and then Natrum Sulph 1000. These medicines complicated my case and I started having shifting pains all over the body accompanied by post nasal catarrhal discharge. I suffered this problem for more than one year during which period , the doctor tried other high potency Homoeopathic medicines.

Finally, I was cured by Kali Sulph 6x, taken over a week.

I strongly believe that reckless use of high potency Homoeopathic drugs can be very harmful, as happened in my case.

Later in life, I have assiduously avoided the use of high potency medicines of Homoeopathy.