Cause of ringing in the ears

Categories :Tinnitus
Author: Rajneesh Kumar

I had chronic catarrh and sinus problem for years. Once, during an occasion of severe cold, the doctor prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics which I took for about 15 days. The symptoms of the congestion ¬†and headache etc. caused by the cold subsided but after a month or so, I began to feel noises in my ears–more in the right ear and somewhat less in the left ear. I consulted an ENT Specialist who did a number of diagnostic tests on me including Audiograms of the ears. Tests of the heart function were also conducted. After carrying out all those tests, when their results came out negative, the Specialist doctor told me that the cause of Tinnitus ( from which I was suffering) could not be identified and under these circumstances, there was no curative treatment that could be offered.

Disappointed , I turned towards alternative medicine. I consulted an Ayurvedic Doctor who practiced at that time in Delhi. He told me that my problem was the result of strong doses of unnnecessary antibiotics and I needed to take Ayurvedic treatment for at least 2 years. I took his treatment patiently for 2 years. My dried catarrh recommenced and my tinnitus condition became considerably better (more than 80 percent). I am maintaining that level of improvement to this day.