Quitting smoking and drinking habits

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Author: working team---personalhealthcare.in

Smoking and use of tobacco

Use of seeds of black harada has been found to be effective in weaning a person from the habit of smoking. Similarly, a mixture of honey and powdered cinnamon, orally used regularly also induces a natural aversion to tobacco and tobacco smoking. The seeds of harada are also used orally and gently sucked at rather than swallowed. Even extract of onion has been employed successfully for de-addition from tobacco. Onion extract is a very effective natural agent which helps in creating that strong natural aversion to tobacco.

De-addiction from liquor

Use of apple on a regular basis either as extract (juice) or in raw condition helps in de-addiction from liquor. This very simple, home remedy certainly is well worth a trial. Home based or herbal remedies as also Ayurvedic formulations are available that are very effective in bringing about natural aversion to narcotics of all types. Use of these under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician would be all that it takes for successful de-addiction.