Diabetes Control through Morning Walk

Categories :Diabetes
Author: Pradeep Chauhan

Dear All

I got diabetic at the age of 40 years and as usual after detecting the problem. I rushed to Doctor who prescribed the medicines with an instruction of no sugar intake and control on food habits.

While my regular medicines were continuing with no sugar intake and proper control on my food habits still over a period of time my glucose levels were not in control and doctor was increasing the dozes of medicines after every checkup. It became a cause of concern for me and I discussed with the doctor how to control the glucose levels without increasing the quantum of medicines. Doctor advised me to increase my morning walk.

Now, I have increased my morning walk from 40-45 minutes to 1 Hour+ and results are in my favor. Apart from good control on sugar level, I could reduce my weight by 4-5 kgs which further helped me in controlling my sugar level. Further, morning walk give me freshness for whole day and I feel more energetic during the day.

Sharing my experience for the benefits of all.