Prolapse of the spine

Author: Mohan Sethi

This is an incident about 18 years old. I was about 55 years old then. I developed excruciating pain on my lower back. I had to go to an elite hospital in my vicinity for a detailed check up. The hospital carried out extensive diagnostic tests on me and pronounced it a case of Prolapse of the Spine. The hospital doctors recommended immediate surgery and even gave  me a date for the surgical treatment. I was somehow skeptic about surgery. While I was thinking whether or not to go in for surgery, I came across an alternative treatment therapist. He told me very categorically that he could treat me successfully and restore me to normalcy within two weeks, even before the date of proposed surgery given to me by the hospital. I decided to give his treatment a try. He was an Accupressure therapist. He started my Accupressure treatment. It was very simple. I had to press some pressure points on my finger tips and some other specific portions of the body.

It was a miracle that with the above simple treatment, I was fully cured within two weeks’ time, avoiding the pain of surgery.  When I went back to the hospital doctor, he was also amazed after re-examination of my condition. He had only these words to say—‘It’s a miracle’.