General tips for healthy and happy living

Author: working

The proven, time tested pieces of golden advice for good/healthy living are serially indicated below.

  1. Look before you leap; never perform a task without carefully considering all pros and cons so that you avoid acting in haste and repenting at leisure.
  2. Never work beyond your capacity and strength.
  3. Eat moderately (less, keeping your stomach 25 percent empty in meal), eat according to your body constitution (prakriti) and eat in accordance with the ongoing season and your place of habitat.
  4. Keep worry and tension away. In this world there is nothing as baneful as worry. It hastens ageing and shortens life as nothing else does.
  5. Excess of everything is bad. Avoid excess of sleep, food, water and sex.
  6. Avoid bathing or intake of water immediately after a strenuous exercise. Relax for some time and only after your tiredness is over should you take bath or drink water.
  7. Never take a bath just after coitus or after meals.
  8. Never take meals in an odd posture which strains any part of the body.
  9. Never try to perform sex in the absence of strong desire.
  10. Avoid eating meals, study, sleep and sex during evening time. What is evening time? It is roughly 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunset.
  11. Avoid disrespect and rebuke of elders.
  12. Avoid idle brooding. Make your life action oriented and respect the value of time.
  13. Never be guided by emotion in any task or any process of decision making. Always be guided by reason.
  14. Try not to be euphoric in success and despondent in failure. On the other hand, try to maintain balance, equanimity of mind.
  15. Try to get over anger and grief. These two are life corroding emotions.
  16. Do not roam about in heavy rain or scorch of sun without protection.
  17. Do not indulge in slander and mudslinging.
  18. Eschew greed and be contented. In contentment lies true happiness.
  19. Never give sermons to the fool for it will have an adverse rather than beneficial effect on him.
  20. Never take meals or drink water, when physically tired and exhausted.
  21. In all your decisions and tasks give priority to the interest and welfare of your nation, followed by your society, your community and your family, in order.
  22. Be obsessed with your duty and its performance and not with its reward.
  23. In disease and illness, have faith in the Almighty God. This faith is the most powerful remedy for illness.
  24. Never try to make money by unscrupulous and corrupt means if you wish to enjoy peace of mind and live long.
  25. Keep intoxicants at bay if you desire health and longevity and wish to remain gay.