Ayurvedic treatment of Food poisoning–Dysentery

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Author: Bittu, New Delhi

I had gone to Aurangabad on a professional tour and my hosts invited me to a late night dinner party  which was preceded by a serving of beer and snacks. Heavy dinner was taken at around 11 PM followed by rich dessert. Early morning, I felt uneasiness and pain in my abdomen and a feeling of nausea. I had a vomiting. I also passed off watery stools and within three hours I passed watery, mucous laden stools about eight times. At the same time, I felt weak and exhausted. My hosts told me to go to a government hospital but I could reach there only by 10 am. I was also scheduled to board my Delhi flight in the afternoon. So I needed urgent treatment.

While going to the government hospital, I saw on the way an Ayurvedic clinic and I told my host to stop there and let me consult the Ayurvedic doctor. I told the doctor that I had to catch my flight in the afternoon. The usual treatment people take in such cases of food poisoning and dysentery is Allopathic medicines which have to be taken for three days to cure the infection.

The Ayurvedic doctor listened to me intently  and understood my problem. He prepared 20 small packets of medicine—a mixture of herbal powders and advised me to take one every 15 minutes so that I would finish the treatment by 3 PM, with my flight due to depart at 3.30 PM.

I followed the above treatment and after 2 PM, did not pass any stools and was cured and fully fit the next day.

My above experience underlines the power of Ayurveda even in acute disease conditions, apart from chronic cases in which people generally take recourse to Ayurvedic treatment.