grafting treatment of baldness-alopecia

Author: Mahendra Kumar, 29 years

I began to suffer from alopecia at the young age of 24 years. I tried allopathic and ayurvedic treatments. I used a variety of shampoos and oils including those of the herbal type. I took omega 3 and 6 tablets for about three months. These tablets arrested alopecia but the hair did not regrow at the bald region of the head. I then tried Loreal hair regrowth therapy package for 3 months. This also reduced or almost stopped falling of hair but did not promote fresh hair growth. Thereafter, one of my friends suggested me to visit a ‘Hair Gain Clinic’ in my city where the doctors carried out my scalp examination for the purpose of grafting. I got the grafting done. It was a painful experience and I could not move out for one week after the grafting operation. The doctor suggested specific medicines and shampoos/oils for use over a one year period. The result has been good for the two months after the grafting and I am feeling good overall. The cost of the treatment is about 1.25 lakh rupees in Delhi.

I am now waiting for one year to be completed since the date of grafting operation.

Overall, it has not been a bad experience.