Eye Care

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Author: Rattan Singh

I was today talking to a local shoemaker near my house , who was given two pairs of footwear for repair. When I went to collect the footwear items,  I was curious to see him working on minute stitching operations without wearing any spectacles or glasses, as I knew he was around 60 years of age. Anyway, I asked him his age again to reconfirm it. He said he  was 62 years old and could even read newspapers without any external reading glasses. This surprised me. I asked him how was he able to maintain his vision normal at that age. He stated that for about 50 years of his life , he had used a ‘kaajal’ ( herbal eye lotion) regularly and that kaajal was prepared from some indigenous tree leaves. This convinced me that we are not taking care of our eyes and need to be using some natural or useful herbal eye tonics for better eye care.