Diabetes–control of blood sugar level

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Author: Vandana , New Delhi

I can recall the case of ┬áthe wife of my father’s close friend, now deceased. She was an acute diabetic and for keeping her blood sugar level in control , she was heavily dependent on blood sugar reducing tablets. At that time she must have been 55 years old.

One day, somebody suggested to her that she should try natural, herbal remedies to keep sugar level normal in order to spare herself of the possible adverse side effects of Allopathic medicines.

She started taking a home based herbal mixture. It consisted of three equal parts of  the following items in powder form.

1. Dried Jamun seeds

2. Dried leaves of Bel tree

3. Dried portions of Karela with seeds

She began to benefit immediately from this herbal mixture taken with water. She stopped her Allopathic medicines after a few days. She used this mixture for many years, successfully maintaining her blood sugar at a normal level.