Dental cavities

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Author: Male, sixty plus

I have been suffering from tooth decay for many years. Since the age of 32 years, when I lost one upper pre molar tooth to dental caries ( tooth decay), I have been developing cavity to one fresh tooth almost every 5 years. I lost two lower molars because I did not get the cavity filled and allowed the usage of tooth in the normal manner till the infection reached the pulp. In one tooth, I had to  get the pulp removed which made the tooth dead and the crown of the tooth fell off after one year. In the case of other molar tooth, I allowed the cavity as it was, using the tooth normally till infection spread to the pulp and developed into an abscess. I took Ayurvedic treatment for the abscess for 3 weeks but it did not get cured. Later  on, it developed into a deeper abscess with a sinus opening in the gum region from where regular pus discharge would take place. Alarmed at this, I ultimately went to the Dentist ( I deliberately avoided visit to Dentist till that time as I believed in natural, non-invasive treatments.) who performed a root canal treatment. But I did not get the tooth capped. The crown lasted about 4 years and then broke off.

In my later cases of tooth cavities, I got RCT and capping done on two upper molars and the two molars are lasting to this day after 12 to 15 years.  I another three teeth, I got the silver filling done.

In recent years, I developed cavities in two other teeth and I advised the dentist to fill it by ceramic material, avoiding the controversial silver-mercury amalgam filling material. He made a large drill hole in one tooth and filled it with ceramic filler material. But the filling came off after just two months. Subsequent fillings at the same place also did not last long and either broke or fell out of the cavity space. In the other tooth, the dentist shaved off much of the tooth to get a flat surface and using adhesive, bonded a half tooth piece made of ceramic material over it. The bonded material lasted about 4 years before it gave way to the pressure created by eating raw almonds one day. Its portion chipped off the tooth.

In retrospect, I felt that I should have taken better preventive care of my teeth by cleaning the teeth and maintaining oral cavity clean and brushing teeth at night.

But I have learnt another lesson. I stopped visit to the dentist even after my fillings broke off. After reading more literature and others’ experiences about dental healthcare, I tend to believe that dental treatments by dental surgeons should be avoided as far as possible in case of dental cavities. One should just maintain the pH value of the oral cavity above 7 by avoiding sugar or sugary foodstuffs and keeping the teeth and oral cavity clean, especially at night. Also using a herbal toothpaste (Patanjali’s Dant Kanti) or some similar herbal based powder or Neem twigs has helped enormously. My teeth with unfilled cavities have survived even 3 years after the fillers came off. The dentist stated that there was a natural enamel regeneration process going on there.

I do not think I will go to the dentist again for cavities or caries at least. I will not have my teeth drilled. I have come a full circle in my understanding about dental healthcare. I will not subject my teeth to invasive treatment. I will try to keep them healthy naturally by regulating my diet and keeping teeth clean and the oral medium alkaline through fruit/raw vegetable rich high fibre diet and minimum consumption of white sugar.