Change of cooking medium as Constipation cure

Categories :Constipation
Author: Rajesh Soni

I remember my severe constipation problem which affected me some years ago. There were occasions when normal bowel movements did not occur upto two or three days at a stretch. I took some treatment but the benefit was temporary and not lasting.

A resident of Delhi, I had occasions to tour to Mumbai. I observed that duringĀ  stay inĀ  Mumbai, I had no constipation problem at all. I thought it could be ascribed it to my diet at Delhi, where I was using mustard oil as a cooking medium. In Mumbai, I was having food cooked in other vegetable oils.

I decided to stop using mustard oil as a medium of cooking food on return to Delhi on experimental basis. Surprisingly, it worked and I concluded that it was mustard oil that was not suiting my gut.

I am using vegetable oils or pure ghee but have stopped consumption of mustard oil and am free of constipation.