Cancer-the biggest scourge of modern age

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Cancer–the biggest scourge of modern age

The rapid, almost dramatic progress of science and technology in the past few decades has enabled successful control of many infectious diseases and increase of life expectancy all over the world. But during exactly the same period, the incidence of death-dealing ailments like Heart disease, AIDS and cancer has gone up, remarkably. All over the world, more than 10 million new patients of Cancer are reported every year. Two thirds of these inhabit the developing countries. Almost 9 million persons die of cancer every year.

It would be interesting to know that different types of Cancer are reported from different countries. In Japan, the incidence of stomach cancer is largest while in India it is oral cancer which leads in numbers. In England, leading number is that of lung cancer cases and in America the maximum number of cancer patients is those of breast cancer. In Mongolia, largest incidence is that of blood cancer.

Many factors are responsible for development of Cancer. These are broadly mentioned below

  1. Use of tobacco (chewing or oral intake–cause of oral cancer)
  2. Premature or childhood pregnancies and lack of sexual hygiene (causes in cancer of ovaries and uterus of women)
  3. Use of contraceptive pills of oral use and childlessness among women who never breast-feed (causes in breast cancer)
  4. Smoking (cause of lung cancer)
  5. Other environmental causes
  6. Air and water pollution
  7. Excessive exposure to radiation
  8. Eating and sleeping habits in violation of the laws of natural living
  9. Suppressive and unnatural (body unfriendly) treatment of common diseases
  10. Excessive exposure to harmful chemicals of the following types—
  • Benzene
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Cadmium
  • Asbestos
  • Vinyl chloride
  • Polycyclic hydrocarbons etc.

Many of these factors lead to skin cancer and blood cancer. 

Consider some of the other interesting revelations in regard to Cancer.

Fast foods have become very popular these days. That greasy burger, that heavily topped pizza and that multihued ice-cream are sought after eatables of today but, mind you, these very foods are being believed to cause a multitude of diseases. Fast foods are deficient in vitamin C, Calcium and iron. Persons who consume these `junk’ foods for a prolonged period run the risk of developing many serious diseases including cancer. These foods contain harmful oils, synthetic chemical colours, preservatives, flavours or other additives which can lead to disorders of the eyes, bones and blood, diabetes, heart disease and finally cancer.

According to researches , cholesterol reducing drugs tested on rats had been found to develop cancer in these animals. Analysis of the results of experiments done on rats, have concluded that the drugs Lovastatin and Gemfibrogil under use for reducing cholesterol level are carcinogenic. Medical scientists suggested that there drugs should be prescribed only for those patients who ran the risk of heart disease.

Physicians and medical scientists have pointed out that regular consumption of meat can lead to cancer. Persons with a sedentary lifestyle should, under no circumstances, consume meat. It was pointed out that during cooking of meat, certain harmful chemicals are released which are cancer causing.

Latest researches have put a question mark on the desirability of X-rays for diagnostic purposes. Evidence has come to light that even for routine diagnosis the use of X-rays is not safe and can be a cause of cancer. Many cases of breast cancer are also the fallout of diagnostic X-rays. Examination of many patients of blood cancer reveals that they had, in the past, been subjected to frequent diagnostic X-rays.

India leads in the number of oral cancer patients. Why?-Because of widespread habit of tobacco chewing, consumption of the popular `Pan-masala’, intake of inferior liquor and bad oral hygiene. Every year 2.5 lakh new cases of oral cancer are reported. All the above statements suggest that today’s lifestyle, the bye-product of the great progress of science and technology is the cause of cancer-the dreaded disease which is a near-certain death warrant for the afflicted person. For, curative treatment of this disease is wanting. The great scientific implements, the marvels of technology are proving unequal to the task of bringing about a cure of cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are still hopelessly fighting a grim battle against this monster disease–which brings us back to alternative medicine.

Auto-urine therapy provides a glimmer of hope in the battle against cancer, provided it is employed without any prejudices and with an open mind.

We come back to the traditional Ayurvedic system of therapeutics. In recent times research conducted in some Ayurvedic institutions in India has brought hope in the development of successful cancer therapy. Conclusions derived from these researches are rendered below.

Ginger extract as anti-cancer agent

Researches conducted in India have reported that extract of ginger has inhibited growth of cancerous cells and even prevented cancer formation. Ginger extract has been tried on other types of cancer also in with encouraging results.

Oranges, Mangoes and Papaya

The above are three fruits which have remarkable anti-cancer properties. Regular use of these fruits builds up immunity against cancer. Studies conducted by modern medical men have found that these fruits are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A has the power to destroy free-radicals which generate cancerous tissue.

Certain Ayurvedic formulations are remarkably effective in treatment of cancer. These are named below


`Satyanashi Tel’

`Sarpa Vish’(Snake poison-Lachesis)


`Tuttha bhasma’

`Nidrodaya rasa’

Apart from the above there are many other wonderfully effective formulations. But these formulations are best administered by an experienced, expert Ayurvedic physician only.

Use of the extract of wheat saplings has also been found an effective and successful cancer treatment. The technique is briefly described below.

Sow some seeds of wheat. The seeds will germinate and grow into saplings. When the saplings are seven days old, reckoned from the date of sowing, cut them at a point just above the roots. Wash the sapling stubs with clean water. Extract of about 10 such stubs should be taken every morning and evening. This should be done for 7 days. All these 7 days, nothing is to be eaten and a total fast is to be observed. Only the decoction of the leaves of `Neem’ water is to be taken as a substitute of water.After seven days start taking germinated seeds. Also start on seasonal fruits and milk. Perform sun-bath in the morning. Along with all this also use water bath for feet and head (warm water for feet and cold water for the head). Use mud packs for the chest/trunk at night while sleeping.

Authenticated cases of success in Blood cancer are on record with the above course of treatment.

The utility of juices of fresh fruits like Orange, Lime, Lemon, Pineapple and Pomegranate in the treatment of cancer needs to be more seriously studied and researched. Many of the fruit juices, taken regularly over long period have the power to arrest the growth of cancer cells. In general, a dietary intake of maximum amounts of fresh ripe fruits and raw vegetables has been recommended not only by the Ayurvedic system but all other systems of medicine as an appropriate regimen for prevention and successful treatment of cancer.

To the above may also be added the utility of kernels of fruits like apricot, peach and apple in the treatment of cancer.

N.B.  This article is for knowledge and guidance only. Professional advice and treatment should be taken from qualified doctors for specific cases.