Better digestion — naturally

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Better digestion, naturally

The diseases of the digestive system are largely ascribed to irregularities in diet and lifestyle as in  case of ailments afflicting other organs and systems of the human body. We shall begin with constipation because of the importance of this disease notwithstanding its brief account given at numerous places earlier.

Dyspepsia – Indigestion  – When we talk of Dyspepsia, we include in this term all these symptoms – Hyperacidity, Flatulance, Constipation. These three symptoms are the most common diseases of modern urbanites. The causes of indigestion are too well known to merit description here. However we will, for reasons of technical relevance, reiterate the main points here. We include in these points the more important causes of dyspepsia as adumbrated in Ayurveda. These various causes are enumerated below.

– Intake of excessive water

– Intake of stale and unhygenic food

– Ignoring the urge of urination and defecation

– Keeping awake late during nights

– Sleeping during daytime

– Emotional stress

– Indequate chewing of food

– Eating at irregular hours

– Late night dinner

– Overeating

Prevention is better than cure. Indeed if all the above causative factors could be avoided, indigestion would be prevented. However, given the limitations of practical urban life with its stresses and strains, it must be admitted that some of these indiscretions are unavoidable. Today acidity, constipation and flatulence are the most common ailments of urban population all over the world. Antacids sell briskly. Laxatives also are widely selling drugs. But in spite of heavy intake of such drugs, problems persist because the irritating causes in the lifestyle persist. Aerated water and colas are very popular drinks because for a large chunk of population suffers from gastric hyperacidity. These drinks provide superficial relief. But remember many of the ‘black’ colas contain potentially hazardous chemicals like phosphoric acid which attack tooth enamel.

Chronic constipation is very stubborn condition with some people. They try many types of chemical purgatives but fail to get proper relief. Many of these purgatives are habit forming and interfere with the natural action of the colon. Chronic constipation, if allowed to persist, leads to more serious and distressing conditions like piles and fistula. What is the best answer to the problems of hyperacidity, flatulence and constipation ?

There are three ways which are at the same time effective and practicable for tackling these problems. These are (1) Do not delay evening meals beyond one hour after sunset. Beyond it, nothing else is to be taken. (2) Get up at least half an hour before sunrise next morning and drink two glassfuls of stored drinking water, preferably stored overnight in a copper vessel.  (3) Drink water in small intermittent sips alongwith meals ( total quantity 100-150 ml) and large quantity only one hour before meal or one hour after meal. Surely these are not too difficult pieces of advice for anybody to act on – anybody who wants to rid himself of irritating digestive problem and ensure a generally good health and longevity.