Ayurvedic remedies for kidney stones

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Kidney Stones 

Kidney stones is yet another common disease among the general population and especially so among the urbanities. The reasons for the development of kidney stones are mainly the vitiation of pitta. As such pitta prakriti or pitta dominant prakriti individuals are most susceptible to this disease when they indulge in pitta vitiating diet and other lifestyle. Allopathy depends on surgery for removal of kidney stones.  But Ayurveda has a professional plan of treatment which can bring about a certain cure of if rigorously followed. Avoidance of foodstuffs and other lifestyle factors which are pitta vitiating (pitta aggravating) is the first requirements some simple home-based remedies for effective treatment of kidney stone are given below

  1. The use of Ajinod (Apium graveolems) in any form regularly is an excellent preventive and curative for kidney stones.
  2. Cucumber seeds may be beaten into a pulp alongwith curd the pulp may be orally taken twice daily for a few weeks.
  3. Take a few matured saplings of wheat and from them remove the grains. Thereafter burn or char them to ash. To this ash, add about 4 to 5 times water and mix thoroughly. Filter the water through a fine muslin cloth. Take the clear filtrate and boil it in an iron pan. When the water has dried, take off the pan and remove the white precipitate that has deposited on the wall of pan. Grind this white precipitate to a powder and filter it. The resulting powder is called `wheat-alkaloid’. A quantity of 1 to 1-1/2 gram of this `wheat-alkaloid’ taken every morning and evening with water cures kidney stones.