Appendicitis cure by Homoeopathy

Categories :Appendicitis
Author: Rahul Bhatia

I am a 45 years old male.   I had severe pain of Appendicitis last year. The doctors at the nearby speciality hospital performed X ray and ultrasound test and found the appendix swollen. They told me that surgery was required to remove it, otherwise it could burst during the next episode of attack.

I thought that since there was a space available before me and I could wait to undergo surgery, let me try some other mode of treatment.

The same speciality hospital had a department of Homoeopathy where I got my  clinical papers sent. The doctor treated me with Homoeopathic medicine for two months. After two months , I again got diagnostic test done. The ultrasound report was normal.

I have had no further episode of pain in abdomen since.

The Homoeopathic medicine that cured me was Nux Vomica 6x.