Reasons for weight loss

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Author: Male aged 69, New Delhi

Weight loss is a sign and symptom of lifestyle change—stress, strain, worry, over exertion if you do not have any disease symptoms.

In the past, I suffered a  loss of body weight from my normal level of 69 kg to 62 kg. My job involved frequent transfers and relocation which disturbed the life of my family. During that period, around the year 2000, the relocation effects were more serious on my children and me, due to their re fixation of schools in the new place.  My relatives and friends started commenting on my appearance which , they said, was showing body weakness. This scared me into believing that some serious disease could be lurking inside me though I did not feel any physical pain or any disease symptoms. When I went to the doctor he conducted all imaginable diagnostic tests on me only to conclude that results of all tests were negative. Then I told him once again that I was undergoing a stressful period because of professional relocation. The doctor then said I did not require any treatment.

My question is —were all those diagnostic tests necessary? Could the time, effort and money spent on them not be avoided?

I feel on a hindsight that all those tests were useless and the doctor should have been able to tell me this when I had gone to him the first time.