Vitiation of doshas–the basic cause of disease

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A most important information on lifestyle and basic rules of health ┬áis provided in the following para which discusses the matter of vitiation or derangement of the three doshas ‘Kapha’, ‘Vata’ and ‘Pitta’ the fundamental cause of disease. Thus , to keep good health, one has to religiously avoid vitiation of the three doshas.

How is ‘Vata’ vitiated ?

The following factors lead to vitiation of ‘Vata’ in the human body.

  1. High intake of dry, baked, bitter and crisp foods
  2. Intake of stale foods
  3. Overwork of a physical and mental nature.
  4. Suppression of stools, urine and the urge to sneeze or yawn.
  5. Injuries (traumas)
  6. Fasting
  7. Excessive indulgence in sex
  8. Giving in to anger and worry all too often
  9. Bleeding
  10. Keeping awake till late at night.
  11. Taking bath in late afternoon or evening
  12. Excessive swimming in water
  13. Consumption of specific foods that are ‘Vata’ vitiating like polished rice, beans, roasted/baked foods, processed foods, urad lentil, frozen meat and frozen vegetables etc.
  14. Excessive walking

Factors in vitiation of ‘Pitta’

‘Pitta’ in the human body is vitiated by

  1. Intake in large quantity or frequent intake of fried foods, sour food, and salt.
  2. Anger, grief, fear
  3. Overwork and especially late night working
  4. Fasting
  5. Exposure to sun
  6. Excessive consumption of liquor.
  7. Excessive indulgence in sex.
  8. Heavy consumption of specific articles of food which are ‘pitta’ vitiating like brinjals, peas, tomatoes, beetroot, red meat, baked and roasted meat, whiskey/rum/brandy etc.
  9. Consumption of meat and eggs
  10. Consumption of oil and butter in large quantities.

Kapha vitiating causes

The following are the causes of vitiation of ‘Kapha’.

  1. Lazy habits and sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Day sleep
  3. High intake of sweetmeats and other sweet foods.
  4. High intake of rich and heavy food stuffs (which take longer time for digestion)
  5. Consumption of specific articles of food in large quantity which are established ‘Kapha’ vitiating like raw onion, curd, white rice, okkra (bhindi), polished rice, urad lentils, beer etc.
  6. Overeating, especially eating even before the previous meal has digested.
  7. Intake of too much cold water, especially just after meals.