Cure of depression–Tap the power of faith

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The power of faith

 We often hear–‘Faith can move mountains’. This statement underlines the power of faith, a very abstract entity which can be better experienced than defined or explained. This statement conveys that spiritual power is much bigger than material power. Indirectly, it also brings home the point that supernatural and spiritual entities are superior to matter. Faith in the infinite power of the divine creator, who is compassionate towards his subjects and is ever facilitating their evolution, gives an impetus to the action of man for accomplishment of any task. Faith in the helping hand of the omnipotent creator whose constant action is in the nature of promoting the welfare of his subjects including fulfillment of their earthly desires works wonders. Why it works wonders is because the power of faith is the power of spirit and synergy which becomes evident in one, two, tens, hundreds or thousands or millions of human beings drawing upon that same infinite reservoir of energy and beneficence and achieving the unimaginable.

Unity is strength and, therefore, the collective action of finite human beings is able to perform gigantic tasks as indicated above. Remember, it is only the human being who possesses the concept of a supernatural creator and his beneficent powers.  Other lesser living beings of the animal or vegetable kingdom do not possess the intellect for comprehending God and his attributes. The human spirit is finite but has tremendous power, so much so, that an average person uses only up to five percent of his physical and mental capacity in the present times. Faith enables the human being to bring about a quantum increase in his own potential utilization. The power of faith makes the impossible, possible. This power enhances the capability of a human being exponentially.  And, as mentioned above, this capability gets magnified through the synergy of numerous human beings working in unison.

Faith is the food of the mind where mind is the engine of human activities. Faith gives focus and determination to a person to enable optimum usage of his innate capabilities. Faith is the fuel for his faltering and famished faculties. And this process of faith works because it is real, it is premised on the laws made by the supreme creator of the universe and operated by him.

Faith has always been the subject of controversy. This is a great irony of human history. The different colours and complexions in which faith has existed have created numerous divides in the global society and these divides have also existed through the course of history. These divides have engendered enmity and bitterness among human communities and led to clashes, strife, wars. Persecution and bloodshed on a mass scale have been the unfortunate outcomes. Faith, considering the all powerful creator and his human subjects is a unique phenomenon with no variants. Variations can exist only in the modes of its demonstration. Human subjects as supplicants of their creator, limited as they are in intelligence, will always show these variations. It is natural. The important thing is to realize the common denominator of these demonstrated variations seen in different religions, sects and cults. This common denominator is the relation between the infinite, universal spirit–the supreme creator and his human subjects of different colours, creeds, races, cultures and locations. Faith is the common link between all global human subjects and their supreme spiritual master. Faith is the steering for the soul that takes it to its goal of salvation.

History is witness to numerous instances of the power of faith in worldly matters. The Mughal Emperor Babur’s son Humayun once fell gravely sick and the attending physicians pronounced him terminally ill. Babur, out of sheer faith in the almighty God, fervently prayed to him for recovery of Humayun even if it entailed loss of his own life in exchange. In due course of time, Babur developed illness while Humayun began to gradually recover. Babur’s illness grew serious and he passed away, leaving Humayun fully recovered to health.  It is believed that prayer changes things. There may be innumerable recorded incidents of the role of prayer in fulfillment of human desire.

Faith forms the channel for flow of divine energy from the omnipotent creator to his human subjects. Faith works through fervent appeal to the supreme sustainer in times of human crises; faith works through manifold enhancement of focus in the performance of tasks. The power of faith is, therefore, the power of the infinitely powerful master of the universe who, as an inexhaustible pool of beneficence and source of knowledge and motivation, is ever helping his human subjects to overcome their frailties and free themselves from the multitudinous miseries of mundane existence.